Method - a contemporary fine art gallery featuring paintings and photography from local artists in Scottsdale Arizona
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Bob Price

Bob's current paintings are focused on sharing the amazement and comfort that he experiences in the mountains. He will often use whimsical or humorous sub-themes to obscure deeper concerns hidden in his philosophy.

He states that his work deals with the duality of the human personality in a sense that we try to control our primal urges by becoming civilzed. He depicts the animal along with the spirit in his paintings, and tends to use aspects of abstract and representational elements in his work. Peter Max and Navajo/Indian culture have served an a big influence for him. He claims to have been affected by every art movement out there, and continues to defy traditional styles with his large variety of styles embodied in his work.

Artist's Statement: Composition, linear flow, and color are of great importance, but no matter what the style (traditional, surrealism, or modern), I am interested in discovering the underlying structure of the piece. 

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