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Method Art Gallery & Artist Studios in Downtown Scottsdale Arizona:

Fine Art Photography Gallery, Landscape Photography, Process Photography, Contemporary Paintings, Limited Edition Prints, Fine Art and Sculpture by local Arizona Artists and Photographers.

Method Art is not accepting new work from artists at this time.

"The Grand Facade" by Davin Lavikka

Method Art Gallery is Closing!

You may have heard the rumors and they are true. Method Art Gallery is closing its doors after seven years  for good this summer. The art market has seem to have collapsed in Scottsdale.  We have done our best to market over the years but now there is very little public attention to the Scottsdale downtown area. We have been an island between empty businesses for some time and simply can't stay in business without some attention .  What's the cause of this? Baby boomers are done collecting? Generation X and Y still feel the pain from our previous recession? Has social media killed the value of an inspirational idea? No one can look up from their phones to see what's right in front of them?  Everyone is saving their money to donate to their next presidential campaign? Are the landlords of these store fronts pricing themselves out of the market?  I have no idea what it is. I do feel like the local government has failed this area by allowing tent shows to take over and inexperienced pr reps to print that Artwalk is at the bridge and on main street but to call first to see if the gallery is open. I know that hotel concierges have been sending everyone to the mall or to main street.  I know that the trolleys took more of a direct route for spring training.  I know that some other local galleries are not open to new ideas for promoting this area. Without unified support from a community everything fails.  This summer many businesses are closing down or leaving this area. I'm not sure what has happened fully but I do know that things need to change. You have to fall to learn how to catch yourself later on and after a while you get tired of falling but coordination is group effort.  The appreciation of art in general has also changed. Social media is great way to promote an idea but at the same time there is saturation to potential new collectors who save your photo to their phone only to appreciate it that way.  It's unfortunate but its reality.

We are currently offering discounts from our artists online until June 27th, 2015.
Use the coupon code: giveme20 for a 20% discount on our enitre inventory.
Call for other discounts and shipping quotes.

Help Alexi Devilliers Feed the Homeless!

Robots that feed the homeless!

Alexi Devilliers was born in the United States and is of Cuban descent. When he was five, his family settled in Florida. Alexi remembers that even though his mother had to stretch every dollar, they always had more than enough home cooked, flavorful food. According to Alexi, "You could taste the love that went into making it."

Growing up, his mother taught him the secrets she brought with her from Cuba. He then learned to cook the same type of homemade comfort meals that so many of us daily take for granted. He began giving his left over home cooked meals to his neighbors, and the rest is history.

After working all week long as a commercial maintenance engineer, every Saturday morning, Alexi and his wife wake up at 5:30am. They begin to make anywhere from 100 to 150 hot meals, then pack them up and head off to parks to feed the homeless around Phoenix. Recently they have joined with a shelter called Just-A-Center on 10th Avenue and Jefferson which aids in the feeding of people 55 and over.

Using the empty cans from the meals he's cooked, Alexi then creates steam punk fashion can artworks. Once he sells a piece,  he purchases more food,  makes more meals then reuses those cans to create more pieces. The pieces created are not only art, they are a recycling of love, generosity and charity.

Al Help Alexi in his efforts to make this world a better place, one tin can robot at a time. Click here to see our current selection.

Also check out Alexi on PBS:

Artists showing at Method Art Gallery

Airi Katsuta
Allison Luckock
Davin Lavikka

Nina Pak
Ryan Lusher
Gary Phoenix


Bob Price
Jeanne Ladewig-Goodman

Kirsti Lavikka
Roxanne Almblade



Alexandra Ortega

Lavikka Photography Studio
Commercial Photography Services

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Yoga Photography by Davin Lavikka

The Great Yoga Project

Fine Art Photographer, Davin Lavikka has been working on The Great Yoga Project for four years. "Fashionable yoga in inappropriate places," features models participating in yoga poses in unprecedented places wearing fashionable attire. This unique collection of 100 fine art yoga images brings together stunning views of the city paired with the art of yoga.


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" Fine Art, Paintings, Landscape Photography from Artspace, LLC DBA Method Art 2014" Davin Lavikka